Small Business Consulting

What do consultants really do?

Consultants bring their expertise, experience, and industry knowledge to help businesses grow, reorganize, meet goals and deadlines, and resolve problems. Paul Bernard has over 20 years of consulting experiences; he has seen successes and failures, and knows what business plans work for companies of different sized and industries. He can evaluate each situation from an external perspective, and act as the catalyst for business development.

What is small business consulting?

A small business consultant helps clients develop their skills and strategies to improve or grow their business. Paul Bernard’s specialized knowledge brings an external perspective to solve internal issues, by both modifying existing practices and capitalizing on new opportunities and ventures. Paul Bernard can help businesses to brainstorm solutions, and consider new ways to expand or reinvent themselves. Areas of assistance can include designing business models, marketing, branding, sales development, risk minimization, project management, and problem solving.

What is the consulting process?

No two businesses are alike- so neither are their consulting experiences. The process is customized to meet the goals, needs, and time constraints of each small business. Paul Bernard will meet with businesses to discuss where they envision their company’s future. Together, they will determine a timeline for how to reach that goal. Some businesses may not have an objective, and instead seek a consultant to help them create one. Paul Bernard can observe business practices, and provide feedback on what is helping and hurting the business. Paul Bernard can be hired on a contract or by project basis, and the program can be extended or terminated to varying lengths. It is a small and flexible commitment that can make a clear and impactful difference in a small business’ success.

What can my small business gain from hiring a consultant?

As some small businesses expand, their initial business strategies and task divisions may no longer be optimal. The business may need a new management structure, or just new management. The current managers may not have any training or experience in running a business. Their financial, staffing, and data logistics can be overwhelming, and can get disorganized or just forgotten. Paul Bernard can implement more efficient methods for day-to-day operations, such as organization, sales, and project planning, to save businesses both time and money.

Do I really need a small business consultant?

Some small businesses are content with their current business model, and don’t see any problems that they aren’t capable of solving themselves. Though their model may appear efficient, Paul Bernard can identify the most efficient way possible. Businesses may also have underlying structural or financial issues that have never been addressed- because they have never been identified- and they only worsen with time. There are multiple ways to solve any given problem, and a consultant can help businesses identify the least timely, expensive, or interruptive solution.