What is outplacement?

Outplacement is a support service, often provided by companies, to help former employees rejoin the job market and transition into their new jobs. Since their last job search, the career marketplace may be drastically different and difficult to navigate. Clients are unsure what they want and what they are qualified for. Paul Bernard can help clients maintain a positive attitude, and can provide training and self-assessment materials, career evaluation, job search skills, resume review, interview preparation, and guidance in negotiation and comparing offers.

What is the career transition process like?

Paul Bernard is not just a large outplacement firm, whose traditional services are limited to outdated and generic career advice. Paul Bernard recognizes that clients have unique skills, experiences, and ambitions, and need services as individualized as they are. The process begins with an assessment, to understand a client’s skills, values, and behaviors, for best fit in the job market. Next, Paul Bernard and his client develop a set of objectives and decide the best path to achieve them. Paul Bernard will research target companies, and teach clients how to best market themselves. Paul Bernard will see it through to the final negotiation and job acceptance.

How will workers benefit from career transition services?

Workers may have grown accustomed to the security and routine of their past position, and now feel overwhelmed by options or fearful of the lack thereof. Paul Bernard will help clients make optimal career decisions, and provide the resources and path to an optimistic employment future. Clients who receive job-search training and other career transition services average a greatly shortened period of unemployment and less long-term career problems than those who don’t receive such services. Paul Bernard has specialized knowledge as well as strong contacts across industries, and can identify a good match.

How can companies benefit from providing their employees with career transition services?

Whether employees left voluntarily or involuntarily, ensuring that individuals leave their roles with some confidence and security is responsible on the part of organizations. It is important for companies and past employees to maintain positive relationships, for possible future partnerships. Paul Bernard’s outplacement services will show a company’s remaining employees their company supports them, increasing employee engagement and commitment. It can reduce the chances of employment litigation, specifically wrongful discharge suits. Savings in severance packages can more than negate the cost of Paul Bernard’s services, because the time to secure a new job will likely be reduced.

What if I don’t know my next career move?

Then career transition services are the perfect move for you! Careers don’t have to follow a perfect formula or timeline for advancement. Some workers seek similar roles to their past ones, at companies of similar size, culture, and industry. Others want to go in a completely new direction- they just don’t know what direction is. It could be starting his or her own business, or reaching out to an old friend or colleague for a job lead. Success is not universally defined, and the optimal next step may not be the obvious progression. Paul Bernard will talk to clients about their past experiences, and help them evaluate both where they are a skill fit and what jobs they may enjoy and find meaningful.